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Si Capacitor

Silicon Capacitor
Ultra-Thin High Performances

Silicon capacitors are a newer type of capacitor that has emerged as an alternative to MLCCs. Silicon capacitors offer several advantages over MLCCs, including a higher voltage rating, a lower voltage derating behavior, a higher temperature stability, and a lower ESR and ESL.

Very Low

(Die size, Capacitance)

Ultra-Thin Die

Advanced SI FE and
BE Technology

Excellent Temp
Voltage Linearity

High Reliability

Land Side Capacitor

Product Line - up

Technical Characteristics

High Capacitance Density

Elohim Silicon Capacitors have a high capacitance density of up to 1,000 nF/mm2 which can be designed into various capacitance value starting from 1 nF up to 2,800 nF.

High Reliability

Elohim Silicon Capacitors have high reliability factors in various aspects including stability over temperature and voltage changes, long lifetime, and durability from extreme temperature cycle.


· Stability over temperature

Stable up to 250 °C

· Stability over voltage

Stable in rated voltage range

Elohim Silicon Capacitors, unlike conventional off-the-shelf silicon capacitors with 2 or 4 terminals/mm2, are designed with multi-terminal up to 50 terminals/mm2, providing greater design flexibility. (The number of terminals are customizable)

· Extreme temperature durability

Stable under Thermal Cycling -55°C to 125°C

· Long lifetime

Lifetime span >> 10 years


Elohim Silicon Capacitors are customizable based on request from customers. We provide various sizes and thickness to meet customers requirements. Customers are also able to choose their capacitance needs based on the sizes and thickness provided. The size and number of bumps are customizable (up to 50 terminals/mm2).

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